A glimpse (not the whole reason, of course) of why I love America

by Rod Smith

When we were finally seated for a delayed, middle-of-the-night departure from O’Hare, the flight attendant, while conducting her seat-belt check, informed Nate (7) that although there was no in-flight meal service she’d bring him apple juice once we were off the ground. She said she was sorry he was hungry.

Someone heard the dialogue and a large, dark Hersey’s chocolate appeared from across the aisle one row back. Then a sliced turkey sandwich was nudged between the seats from a passenger behind me. I know this could happen anywhere but this serendipitous moment of community affirmed my abiding love for America.

Much earlier, while coming through airport security in Phoenix, I saw things go Nate’s way in a most unexpected manner. You might have realized he has a way…

He’d removed his belt and shoes and had placed his wheeler bag through the X-ray machine when he spied a stash of TSA officers’ candy on a desk off to the side. Before dressing he’d ushered the officer (the one who had just patted him down) to the candy.

When I next saw Nate, after my own run through security, he and the officer were carefully fishing out the exact pieces Nate wanted.

Gosh. I love America. Chocolate, sandwiches, and apple juice, I understand. There are generous people everywhere. But try and getting candy from an airport security officer in Romania, or anywhere else we’ve traveled. I don’t think so.

One Comment to “A glimpse (not the whole reason, of course) of why I love America”

  1. We are the most generous people in the world by far and especially suckers (no pun intended!) for babies, kids and dogs and the less fortunate. Must say tho, that South Africa’s got it for the elderly–we are not so kind.

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