I make him jealous and insecure……

by Rod Smith

“My boyfriend decided to end our relationship because I will not admit that I look at other men to get attention. He says I make him insecure and jealous and that I keep denying it. I can swear I’m not the women he says I am. Now he won’t talk to me. I think it is very childish behavior. I know I have been faithful to him and I know that it is over. I’m so hurt and lost. The worst thing is that I’m 47 and feel like I have no hope. This is the man who would swear he loved me. I suppose he really loves himself only.” (Minimal edits)

All your hope depends on if you have a man or not! This is the deeper issue worth addressing. It is possible to have a full life while being single. When this becomes a reality, any partner will not be afforded the undue power you have given this particular boyfriend. When a person is already insecure and jealous there is nothing a partner can do to change it. He will be jealous and insecure whether you looked at other men or not. You are not powerful enough to cause him to be jealous and insecure. These are his issues and his to tackle. Don’t take the blame.

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