Getting ready for 2010….

by Rod Smith

When all the hoopla surrounding the season subsides I’d challenge you to take stock, to assess, to reflect upon the following questions as you prepare for the New Year:

1. Am I up to date on telling those whom I love that I do indeed love them?
2. Am I up to date with forgiveness, or am I withholding it from someone and therefore stunting my own growth and maturity?
3. Have I exercised wild generosity toward members of my family, my friends, and my enemies, which reflects my capacity to empower and to give?
4. Am I out of integrity with anyone, anywhere, and, in the event that I am, am I willing to take every step necessary and required to set matters straight?
5. Am I blaming anyone or anything for the manner in which my life is not pleasing to me? What will it take to stop living as a victim and to start living as a highly functional responsible member of a community?
6. Am I under-functioning (being lazy) in some of my roles and over-functioning (enabling the laziness in other) in other roles? Am I willing to bring correction where correction is necessary?
7. Are all my adult relationships mutual, respectful, and equal?

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