Guidlines for step-parenting….

by Rod Smith

Enemies don't co-parent very well

Enemies don't co-parent very well

1. If your former spouse chooses to marry do all you can to accept the “new” person – he or she will have a regular and meaningful role in your child’s life.
2. Meet and talk about a unified approach to parenting that all the adults in your child’s life will agree to – BEFORE and after the wedding. Of course you will not agree on everything but that doesn’t mean you should not meet and talk.
3. Don’t make the new person into the enemy. When enemies co-parent children get wounded by crossfire.
4. When issues arise go to the source – try to avoid telling your former spouse what you really want to say directly to his her new partner. You are an adult. Don’t walk on eggshells when it comes to your children.
5. Mind your own business. How “they” spend their money or where they go on holidays is none of your business. Your business begins and ends with your children.
6. Don’t recruit in-laws or grandparents to side with you. You are “enough” on your own.
7. Give your children room to form a relationship with the “new” person.

One Comment to “Guidlines for step-parenting….”

  1. …& if your ex chooses NOT to marry? yet continues to co-habitate? All that can be done, I suppose, is continue to model my own good example.

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