Nine ways to know you are growing in your relationship skills:

by Rod Smith

May you grow and grow...

May you grow and grow...

1. You are less dependent on others yet have a growing awareness of how you fit into the bigger picture of your immediate family and community.

2. You genuinely regret past errors and are vigilant not to repeat them.

3. You possess the foresight to know that moving on with your life is a necessary part of growth no matter how grievous your past mistakes may have been.

4. You want success in every area of your life but not at the cost of your integrity.

5. Within reason you resist saving, rescuing, or protecting others (even those whom you love) from the natural consequences of their own behaviors.

6. You are comfortable with your many and varied roles in life and are unafraid to play your part to the full.

7. As far as it is within your realm of influence and power, you are at peace with all people.

8. You forgive everyone, everything, all the time, even when it is not requested and when forgiveness is undeserved – and yet, despite this, you are not the proverbial doormat.

9. You know when and how to express your voice and when it is necessary to remain silent.

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