Two weeks later and I am still heartbroken…

by Rod Smith

My heart is broken after a several year romance has ended. People tell me it takes time but two weeks later I am not feeling any better. Please help.

Of course you still feel brokenhearted after two weeks. The wounds are yet fresh. Having, I presume, structured much of your life around the interests and passions you enjoyed as a couple, it will be necessary for you to make determined shifts and changes to your orbit.

Call me... 317 694 8669 (USA)

Call me... 317 694 8669 (USA)

Yes, although it is often true that “time heals,” sometimes even time needs help. This is one of the few circumstances where “faking it” is helpful.

Go out to places you did not visit as a couple. Place yourself among caring people who do not know your former partner. Do not, when you are with “new” people, draw attention to your heartbreak or even tell them about it.

Given a month or two, things will begin to lift and the world will feel like a much warmer and friendlier place.

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