Psychologist wants to medicate our son…

by Rod Smith

A well-respected child psychologist and his school want our son to be medicated for some problems he is having at school. He can’t seem to focus and he gets behind with his work. My husband and I are dead against it. We never had such things when we were growing up and we have heard some horror stories. What do you think?

Your resistance is understandable. By your own admission you have no experience in these matters, and there is much talk of the “over-medication” and the “unnecessary” medication of children.

Air your concerns to the psychologist and listen to his or her answers with open minds.

Your child’s health and success is of primary importance – and – you would be unlikely to resist treatment and medication if, say, he’d broken a bone or had a sinus infection.

Try to get over your understandable prejudices and get your son the help he needs.

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