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February 16, 2009

My daughter is dating an older man…

by Rod Smith

“My daughter (22) is seeing a man who is 30. He has been married before while she has hardly had a boyfriend. I see him controlling her and this worries me. I know I have no say over her anymore but I stay awake at night watching this unfold and it is all too quick. Please help.”

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Order through link on the right

Build, rather than burn, bridges. Express, as lovingly and quietly as possible, your concerns directly (face-to-face) to your daughter, and then step out of the way. If your daughter chooses to embrace this man into her life – which she is of course free to do – I’d encourage you to accept him and to include him into the broader family as thoroughly as possible.

That he has been previously married ought not be held against him – unless you, of course, have lived a perfect life.