My daughter is dating an older man…

by Rod Smith

“My daughter (22) is seeing a man who is 30. He has been married before while she has hardly had a boyfriend. I see him controlling her and this worries me. I know I have no say over her anymore but I stay awake at night watching this unfold and it is all too quick. Please help.”

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Order through link on the right

Build, rather than burn, bridges. Express, as lovingly and quietly as possible, your concerns directly (face-to-face) to your daughter, and then step out of the way. If your daughter chooses to embrace this man into her life – which she is of course free to do – I’d encourage you to accept him and to include him into the broader family as thoroughly as possible.

That he has been previously married ought not be held against him – unless you, of course, have lived a perfect life.

3 Comments to “My daughter is dating an older man…”

  1. I don’t think,there is anybody that could help you.
    I am now 20 years old,Iwhen I was 17 i was dating a man that was 32, and i also have gone out with another man that was 29.Last year when i was 19, i felt in love with a man that his age was between 40-45.So this is something that cannot be changed.

  2. I can relate, my daughter is twenty and dating a thirty three year old man. The bigger problem to me is that he is what I would call a “loser”, a felon, no job, rents a room. He is not doing much with his life. I can’t sleep, I worry about her all the time. I feel like there
    is nothing I can do. It is so hard being a parent!!!

  3. I am 22 and I have been dating a 40 yr old for about 5 yrs now. Everthing is great, somethimes we fight, and sometimes I wonder who is the 40 yr old in the relationship but thats a man for you. It feels like a marriage, there is nothing wrong with being with someone older. They are actually better to be with than the younger generation, just because of maturity level, stability, and if your not a big partier its a plus because usually in this age group they start to calm down a little bit, and simple movie and dinner dates, and going to the tiki bar in the summer are more of choice vs the big crowd of people. Plus the sex is GREAT, he actually knows what hes doing at this age.

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