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February 3, 2009

When meeting someone new …. (a potential best friend or partner)….

by Rod Smith

1. Don’t talk too much. Don’t tell someone whom you have just met any intimate details about yourself (or about others).
2. Remind yourself that it takes years, not minutes or days, to find and make a soul-mate relationship.
3. While there are probably exceptions, regard “love at first sight” as being for teenagers. This will give you a platform of sound and healthy caution.
4. Never give or lend money to someone whom you see as a potential friend or partner.
5. Learn, use, and repeat names. Names are very important to people. Use them.
6. Just as soon as you hear yourself saying things you do not really believe, or you see yourself doing things that are out of character for you – back off. This is a good indication that all is not well.
7. Are you more you, or less you, for having met this person? If you have to silence yourself or monitor your natural behavior when with someone new – you have probably met someone who will not be good for you in the long term.