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February 19, 2009

My wife is too busy…

by Rod Smith

“My wife insists on making food for ill neighbors, baking cakes for the church, mending clothes for the homeless, knitting this and that for some missionary, and driving me crazy because she is so busy with doing things for others. I want some time for us to relax together and do some activities that do not always have to involve helping ‘the needy’ as she calls it. Our neighbors are far from ‘needy’ but she seems overly invested in doing things for other people at the neglect (‘neglect’ is too strong a term) of her husband. Maybe she’ll read this and know the letter is addressed to her.”

It appears you have been married for many years. I’d suggest you make requests of your wife to join you in activities you enjoy. If she chooses to proceed with her kind deeds, get out of her way, applaud her efforts, and continue to do what you enjoy.

You remind me somewhat of my father who’d playfully say our mother gave her parakeet more attention, and spoke to the bird, more than she spoke to him. He wondered if he should sit in the cage with the bird! All things considered, I’d suggest my parents were rather happily married.