Thanks for writing about spiritual manipulation…

by Rod Smith

“Thank you so much for your column on spiritual manipulation. I wish we had read this 20 years ago. We have experienced everything that you list and only escaped by the grace of God when we began to read the book of Galatians for ourselves. This phenomenon only occurs when people are at their most vulnerable. We are planning to use this list at our weekly sharing time with our two sons who are in active Christian service. I have been so blessed by your column and everything that I have read has been relevant. However I have been told that you are into “New Age” theology and are an astrologer. I have seen no evidence of this in your column but would so appreciate your comments.” (Unedited)

You’ve made my day – and I am still chuckling at the idea that I am into “New Age” and astrology! “New age” I understand – many are threatened by thoughts they didn’t come up with themselves and some are quick to label, – but no, I am not a proponent of any so-called “new age” theories. I am a “systems” therapist, and a Christian. And, by the way, I think I am a Capricorn, but I have not read my “fortune” in many years.

2 Comments to “Thanks for writing about spiritual manipulation…”

  1. The irony is exactly that people who don’t like your ideas because they think they alone have all the knowledge and hear God speaking only to them are usually quick to label others. Labeling someone a proponent of New Age ideas has long been the tactic of fundamentalist Christians who want to silence those disagree with them and want to make people see through their spiritual abuse. New Age is actually anything the fundamentalists don’t agree with.

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