Ten ways to become “more” spiritual….

by Rod Smith

Ten ways to enhance your spirituality…

1. Write about your life in short, honest, vignettes.
2. Get over any accumulated grievances you might be harboring.
3. Forgive everyone, everything.
4. Design, and execute (anonymously) very specific acts of kindness toward those who least expect it from you – especially your enemies*.
5. Create a blueprint for your greater generosity and radical hospitality (embracing those who reject you).
6. Make a list of the people who have most inspired you then find and thank them.
7. Return to your childhood neighborhood even if the memories are painful and everything has changed.
8. Take a “street person” to lunch at an upscale restaurant.
9. Tell your family you love them.
10. Listen more than you talk.

* I’d be very surprised if you are living a very spiritual life at all if you have no enemies!


2 Comments to “Ten ways to become “more” spiritual….”

  1. Excellent…not easy…essential…thank you.

  2. Rod,
    In regards to item #6. You have inspired me from the time we first met many years ago. Thanks for your inspiration, insight, and challenge.

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