Son won’t work and I won’t ask him to leave…..

by Rod Smith

My son (24) is the most unmotivated person I know. He lives off us. He complains about everything. He goes out until all hours and sleeps into the afternoon. He’s not had a job for more than a few weeks and always says the work doesn’t suit him. Please don’t tell me to make him move out and get his own place because I just couldn’t do that. What can I do to get him to work and to pay his share of the expenses?

Nothing. With your willing cooperation he has created the perfect spot for himself. Clearly it suits you to fund his lazy life and who am I to make suggestions to upset this apple-cart? You are each getting what you want, and, until the way things are, is not the way you want them to be, you will continue to underwrite the apparently meaningless existence of your more than spoiled son.

One Comment to “Son won’t work and I won’t ask him to leave…..”

  1. you keep providing your son with food, and a home and the ability to go out without contributing then thats your fault. any tramp off the street would take you up on this offer. infact can i move in, you sound great….maybe he can bring some mates to live there too, you might have to get another job to support us all tho.

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