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May 17, 2008

My son is married to an abusive woman….

by Rod Smith

“The woman my son married is verbally, emotionally, and physically abusive. We have a strong suspicion that she is bi-polar. She ruins family occasions with her foul moods and aggressive demands. She never listens to anything anyone else says. When she started being difficult this year on my grandson’s birthday I requested that she please take it up with her husband in private. She went crazy and switched the target from my son and grandson to me. Now I can’t hear her voice without feeling ill. I don’t feel I made an unreasonable request. I am very concerned about the abuse my son and grandson endure. She refuses any suggestion of counseling, as she is not the problem. Everyone else is. She has no relationship with her own family, and no friends and is gradually cutting our family out too. Her own children hate her for the abuse they have endured and can’t stand being around her.” (Edited)

Don’t attempt to fight your adult son’s battles. Protect yourself and leave your son to defend his himself and his son from what seems to be a difficult woman. I’d suggest you avoid contact with this woman as much as possible. Remember the fruitlessness of trying to reason with unreasonable people!