How to change the world…

by Rod Smith

1. Being “sharp edged” is more desirable than being “balanced” or “well rounded.” Put yourself out there!
2. Adventure and risk are necessary to foster desired growth. All growth requires some loss!
3. “Safety” (risk avoidance) and the need for consensus (so no one feels left out) can get in the way of discovery and growth. You will never change the world without suffering some loss or without offending someone!
4. Being “nice” can get in the way of being helpful and honest. You can always be loving but you cannot always be nice!
5. A “closed door” sometimes means you have to break the door down. Without persistence you will change nothing!
6. Generosity is evidence of divine intervention. Giving IS better than receiving.
7. Anxiety seldom gives birth to great ideas. You want to accomplish more than mere survival!
8. Great ideas are usually initially dismissed. There is always someone waiting to rain on your parade!
9. Playing “hide and seek” or “ducking and diving” (avoidance) is unproductive and unkind. Facing your detractors will help you more than avoiding them!
10. Every great idea, program, or project has to begin somewhere. Embrace your dream and work on it today!

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