Going home…

by Rod Smith

Going home is a strong human desire. I have seen it so frequently in South Africans living abroad, and I experience it myself. Yes, I long to spend extended hours with old friends at one of Durban’s Indian restaurants, or order tea and scones from Gordon, my favorite waiter in all the world and sit in the sun at the restaurant in Mitchell Gardens.

But circumstances dictate that my visits are vicarious, and so this mornings You and Me takes the form of a personal welcome to some of my favorite friends from where I make my home Indianapolis who will land today in your beautiful city and taste of your excessive hospitality.

Retired businesspersons and spiritual leaders Don and Linda Fledderjohn, their daughter, pediatrician Dr. Erica Fledderjohn-Smith, and toddler granddaughter Beatrice Smith will visit the childhood home of husband, entrepreneur, golfer, and now Hoosier, Nolan Smith (no relation to me) formerly of Beachwood Boys’ High School. I know this fine group will be enriched while visiting family, resting on the beaches, eating in your fine restaurants and spending lots of money!

For the record “Hoosier” is pronounced “HooSSHHier” and is the nickname given to persons who call Indiana home. “Banana Boys” is or was to persons from Kawa-Zulu Natal what Hoosier is to persons from Indiana.

One Comment to “Going home…”

  1. Hi Rod

    I was at University of Natal with Nolan Smith, and would like to get back in touch with him.

    Please could you pass on my email address to him.

    Thank you

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