Three wives speak (unrelated to yesterday’s husbands)…

by Rod Smith

“The thing I never understood about my husband, and perhaps men in general, is that work is very important. When he’d sometimes choose to work rather than be home I mistakenly saw it as rejection. He sees working on the weekend as a way of making sure we have a home. He doesn’t need as much ‘together time’ as I do. This doesn’t mean he doesn’t love me. I just wish I had seen this a lot earlier. It would have made things easier in the beginning when I still believed I could change him or that he’d change himself for me. This is a very good marriage and I just see his career as one important part of it.” (Paraphrased)

“It took me years to understand that he doesn’t see love or passion or commitment like I do. I always wanted to lend him my thoughts or tell what he was supposed to say. This would just drive him crazy. Learning to listen to what he did not say was as important as trying to understand what he did say.” (Paraphrased)

“My husband will do anything for the children. He’s irrational when it comes to loving and protecting his daughters.” (Direct quote)

One Comment to “Three wives speak (unrelated to yesterday’s husbands)…”

  1. Very interesting. It is all a matter of perspective, is it not?

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