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April 10, 2008

Fridays: how to make the (your) world a better place

by Rod Smith

I'm going to have a great Friday

I'm going to have a great Friday

It is within my power to make this an extraordinary day, to be followed by an extraordinary weekend. I have the ability required to be a loving, kind, firm, and responsible member of my family, my neighborhood, and my city.

I know how to serve others – and I will do so with a thankful heart.
I know how to listen to others – and I will do so with an attentive ear.
I know how to live a generous life – and I will give and help relieve the suffering of others.

Today, and this weekend, all people in my circle of influence will be better off for knowing me.

Children will get my ear.

The elderly will get my time.

Persons within my most intimate circle will get both.

I will not complain about anything. I will not pick on people. I will not focus on what is wrong with the world, but will try to be part of the healing it so desperately needs. I will live this weekend with a deep sense of gratitude, paying careful attention to the beauty and the vibrancy of life everywhere I go.