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April 15, 2008

His children don’t respect me….

by Rod Smith

“How do you handle older teenagers who swear at you and call you the ‘b’ word because you say clean your room or clean up your mess in the kitchen? They are verbally abusive even around our baby. I tell them not to curse in my home. They speak to their dad like this as well. I hate wanting nothing to do with them. I am the adult here. I should think that I have a say in my own home, but it feels like I am a guest. Who was here first is not the issue. They should refrain from such behavior when asked. They steal and break things. It seems to me ‘mom’ decided she was finished with dealing with this all the time and I do not think they even like their father. It’s hard because I do love them but I would not choose them as friends. My husband and I don’t fight unless it’s about them. I almost feel like I should just leave. I get stressed because I don’t know what is going to happen next. I feel like I’m taking the eggshell walk.” (Edited)

Clearly this is not simply a matter of respect. Everyone is suffering. Until dad takes a stand the children will rule!