A cheater writes…

by Rod Smith

“I hate to say it to women but I can guarantee your men are cheating on you. Look at the obvious: women tend to dismiss cheating due to the pain they feel. I am a man and my mistress can be right next to me as I speak with my wife on the phone and my wife never ever suspects an affair.” (Edited punctuation and a few words only)

And Sir, whoever you are, given time enough, and given that you do not change your dark behavior, your world will come tumbling down. Your brief letter, which asks no question, tells me a lot about you, and nothing at all about the men on whom you project your deceitful lifestyle.  


6 Comments to “A cheater writes…”

  1. I envy this guy. My wife has accused me for 22 years of cheating on her and she has gotten violent and crazy many times. We are in the process of divorce because of her obsession. I have paid the price so many times for a crime I never committed. Cheaters,,,roll on!

  2. Brian, why would your wife suspect that you would do these things to her? Just curious, why a woman would accuse you for so many years. That is a very sad situation. Too bad she couldn’t see your comment on this website.

  3. This common attitude amongst “guilty” men and sometimes women that “everyone cheats” is so full of BS that it makes me want to cringe. You are simply full of it. I have been in 3 sucessful LTR relationships in my life and have never cheated despite much temptation. Why? Because I expect not to be cheated and deceived in my own life, and am observant enough of history to know that everything you do will eventually come back to you.
    This idea that men are “not like” women and MUST plant their seed as much as possible because he is a different creature is preposterous and nothing more than an example of an undisciplined, narcissistic, subjective, unhealthy, immature, and foolishly reckless personality. Humans beings differ from animals in their ability to reason and accumulate knowledge and self awareness. Any reasonable, self aware adult knows they work too hard to maintain relationships and a functional adult life to risk throwing it all away on sexual impulse.

    A word of advice, you cannot cheat, without also being a liar, a sneak and a thief. Therefore, anyone who exhibits a comfortable attitude with any of these things is more than capable of all of the above.

  4. Amen to Marc!!!!!! I agree 100% with what you have said! My boyfriend and I have been together for 4 years now and i have caught him twice already cheating on him. He on the other hand is constantly accusing me of cheating on him continuously for the simple fact that he does it so he thinks that it is the norm for everyone! I think I am very stupid for not leaving him but the time has come! I recently saw an email where he invited a childhood friend of his to go to a function with him for a weekend! I have always known that they are friends but how do you invite a female friend for a weekend away and not even tell your girlfriend about it and then when you get caught you act as if you did nothing wrong saying that she is just a friend and that nothing is happening!!!!! Anyway my point is that its selfish people like my “boyfriend” and this cheater who don’t realise that kharma is a bitch!!!!!

  5. A marriage couselor I saw one time
    before my divorce agreed with me that
    the greatest pain of infidelity is not
    necessarily the physical disloyalty,
    but the loss of emotional intimacy and
    the deceit—physical intimacy is certainly
    a value but the greater loss is really
    the inner bond you had with the person–
    and once it has been broken–even if there
    is forgiveness, a scar will remain.
    A book written of marriage is called
    The Fragile Bond–and very telling I think–
    we assume when single that if we are
    married that will create some kind of
    indelible, unbreakable tie—but actually
    both partners have to work to maintain their
    tie–have to want it and preserve it.

  6. I have trusted and gave loyalty to a man who lied and covered and protected his public image by being overly generous and protector of women rights and against women abuse and excessively generous to people to the detriment of his family and without caring about the future of his family. Nobody knew even the priest his other side that is dark he covered it with lying, expensive cars for his family, holidays etc. The truth is that I knew that in reality his family suffers emotional neglect and abuse. After 35 years together he left and within a year got married to another woman. Was I a fool not to expose or why was it not easy to pin point what exactly his problem is. I am now 59 years and am looking for a lawyer who deals with deceiptful divorce cases, just so that other woman must be educated especially a man who is a psychiatrist and lies to the world that he is the protector of women with many women friends in his life while he disrespect a woman in his life

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