Seven things healthy parents know about teenagers…

by Rod Smith

My teenager —

 1.  …appears more invested building peer rather than parent relationships. I expect this. Healthy interdependence will not occur if separations are not practiced within primary relationships.

2. … faces change, opportunities, and forms of seduction I never faced. I expect some relational turbulence, questioning of values as my child finds appropriate footing in the adult world.

3. … appears more grown-up than my child is, so sometimes I will get the cold shoulder from a know-it-all. I’ll be kind and forthright when occurs. I will do all I can to avoid embarrassing my child to win control.

4. … may embrace friends other than those I would choose. I will welcome people until there is cause not to. When this happens I will be honest to avoid unnecessary unpleasantness.

5. … is a master of non-verbal communication so I will not to over-interpret what I see. I will ask for verbal clarification when necessary.

6. … wants a parent, not a buddy. My child wants to be cared for, and not have to care for me.

7. … probably feels uncomfortable talking with me about intimate matters. I will not allow discomfort to restrain me from being an involved parent regarding difficult matters.

2 Comments to “Seven things healthy parents know about teenagers…”

  1. Very good reminders! A list that all parents of teenagers should refer to often.

  2. I WISH THIS HAD A SEND EMAIL ICON. I would love to send this to my mother.

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