She is driving me crazy with her superior ways!

by Rod Smith

Reader: I am livid with my sister-in-law who tries to outdo me at every turn. She is a “keep-up-with-the-Jones’” kind of person who always has to have the latest and the best of everything. I wouldn’t mind that except that she has a subtle way of telling everyone that she is better and richer and more traveled than I am and it is this that rubs me up the wrong way. My husband says I should just ignore her but I can’t. I don’t want to say something and cause a family rift. Please help me. She is driving me crazy. (Letter shortened)

Rod: What is it about you that you allow her behavior to annoy you rather than to amuse you? She is not driving you crazy. You are driving yourself crazy. Your husband is right. Ignore her. If you can’t do that, then at least humor her. Clearly she is hitting some vulnerable spot within you and might even be getting some obscure pleasure from doing so. This is not about her. Excuse the cliché but if she is getting your goat there must be a goat to get!

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