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March 7, 2006

Wife is short with the children….

by Rod Smith

Q: My wife gets very rigid when she is upset if things are not going smoothly in her life. She becomes quite authoritarian and unreasonable with our children who notice it, and often point it out to me in a humorous way. I want to protect my children without interfering with my wife’s mothering. (Letter radically reduced)

A: Your family, your wife included, seems healthy. Of course your wife behaves differently when she is upset! Mild “retaliation” to the “nearest and dearest” is a most natural reaction to stress. That your children take the brunt of your wife’s moods is sad, but their use of humor suggests they are more resilient than you might think.It is wonderful that your children talk with you about anything they feel or observe. I’d suggest you encourage them to talk directly with their mother regarding what they experience with her.

If your children are subject to your wife’s moods, I will assume you, as a husband, have a similar experience. Address everything with your wife that pertains to you as husband and wife. Similarly, encourage your children to speak up for themselves directly to their mother.