Things every parent must face and “square away”

by Rod Smith

My son/daughter is probably as willful as I ever was and am. Like I was and am he/she is fully capable of greatness and disaster. The sooner he/she sees this the better.

My son/daughter is an autonomous being over whom I have very little, if any, control. The more I try, the less likely my efforts will prove effective.

My son/daughter is as prone to human mistakes, pitfalls, dangers as the next person. No one is immune to things that pull humans down.

My son’s/daughter’s success (and mine) will almost entirely pivot on the acceptance of personal responsibility. The sooner he/she (and I) accepts this the better. While there is blame, finger pointing, victim living, victim thinking, no matter how legitimate, there will be no helpful, lasting growth.

As much as self-help books usually tout, not everything is about parenting. Some things infiltrate and hurt the best of families and the wisest of parents. There are people who have been very poorly parented, or hardly parented at all, who have changed the world for good.

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