Formidable you

by Rod Smith

There are three beautifully intertwined gifts we can give each other. Authenticity is crucial. No one can export what he or she does not have although people try it all the time. It falls flat because it is fake. We prepare these gifts first for ourselves, then for those we love, but, once they are growing within, everyone benefits.

The powerful trio of assets are Backbone, Voice, and Imagination (capitals intended). 

Your Imagination (seeing, casting vision, planning) is crucial to all relationships. You may have noticed everything begins with an idea, a “let’s,” a “what if we?”, a “why don’t we?” Nurture your wild, kind imagination. The world needs it.

Voice your thoughts, aspirations, desires. Say clearly what it is you want your life to say. This will give you added definition, a very attractive quality to other well-defined people and an antidote to those with dark and hidden agendas. Find, use your Voice. The world needs it.

Couple Voice and Imagination with Backbone (courage, determination, grit) and you have a formidable and winning combination and you will be able to take on the world offering kindness and grace and the world will (usually) return the favor.

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