Morning Question

by Rod Smith

I try to wake in the morning and ask myself, “What kind of person will you be today?” This intimate exchange is crucial to my all-round well-being. It stops me blaming, helps me to be grateful for all I enjoy.

I wish I’d started asking myself this and similar questions years ago. It might have saved others and myself much pain.

I am not always successful living out my ideals but I have to have them. I need railroad tracks to guide me into the new day, week, month, year, decade.

I wonder what you do to keep yourself on track with your goals, values, principles? I’d love to know.

I am grateful for readers who have thanked for this column and told me how much you have learned from my writing. Truth is, I have gained more than I could imagine anyone else may have gained.

The joy of daily writing positions me for the joy of daily living and I detest the thought of writing about living well and then going about my day in a manner contrary to the content of what I write.

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