Conversation starters for parents of young adults

by Rod Smith
  • As much as I am able you have my absolute and complete forgiveness for anything and everything you may have ever done or considered harmful or hurtful or painful to me. As I learn more about forgiveness I will take it to new levels with you whether you are aware of it or not.
  • You are free to love anyone you choose in a mutual, equal, adult relationship. I give you my full backing and support. As you develop your most important relationships I will be very willing to also learn to love the people you love.
  • People in families have odd ways of holding each other back. It is often done in the name of love. Where you think I may be doing this to you, tell me so I can stop it. I want to clear the way for your greatness, not be a stumbling block in your path.
  • You are at least ten generations in the making. These short years I have had to parent you are powerful but not nearly sufficient to unearth all the gold within you. That takes a life-time of discovery which I hope you will enjoy. Even the rough parts of our unique histories can become incredible strengths.

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