The Every-Parent’s challenge

by Rod Smith

I am a parent, sometimes father, sometimes mother, often both at once. I am not a detective or a policeman. My children need a parent not a live-in larger-than-life law-enforcement officer. I’m a parent, protector, provider, encourager, and guide.

I am a person who is also a parent. Parenting is a role I am more than willing to play. It is very much part of who I am but it does not define me. I have interests, passions, parts of my life that do not necessarily include my children. I love my children enough to maintain strong friendships that pre-exist being a parent. 

I am a parent but I’m also a son or a daughter, a brother or a sister, and a friend to many. I love my children enough to keep them out of every nook and cranny of my life and I love them enough to stay out of every nook and cranny of their lives. 

I am an adult. The best way I can hope my children will become successful adults is if I am one. I cannot legitimately expect my children to become better at anything than I am unless I’m willing to lead the way. My challenge is to be the adult I hope my children will become.

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