What kind of day will you have?

by Rod Smith

Will anger overwhelm you, or will gentleness and kindness and peace be your guide?

Plan ahead.

These things can be planned.

Will bitterness and resentment blind you, or will goodness and forgiveness for others light your path?

Plan ahead.

You can decide now, before you head out the door.

Will randomness lead you to nowhere in particular, or will it be a day you move nearer to achieving your long term goals?

Plan ahead.

All you need to plan is a pencil and paper.

Planning ahead will not remove all excitement and joy from your day. It’s more likely to increase both. Decide who you will be today before circumstances dictate who you will be.

When, and if, you take care of destructive and overwhelming emotions, as far as you are humanly able, and you move purposefully into your day, you will set in motion the possibility of creative and joyful “interruptions.”

A day packed with inner turmoil, crowded with survival mechanisms, is unlikely to welcome unplanned joy from any helpful source.

I urge us to take our rightful places in the driver’s seats of our lives. No permission is required. My life, my responsibility. Your life, your responsibility.

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