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April 4, 2021

In your nation and mine

by Rod Smith

The Mercury / Monday

All over your nation and mine teachers will get up this morning and head to schools and universities to guide students of all ages into the beauty and adventures of learning. A child will tie a shoelace and delight a parent, or turn a phrase and delight a reader, solve a math problem and delight a teacher, or play an instrument and thrill a crowd.

In your nation and mine hundreds of millions of people will respect, honor, treasure, people of all races and persuasions. They will not return evil for evil. They will reach across political aisles and barriers and respect those who believe differently, think differently, and love differently than they do. People will engage in meaningful work, serve others, and pick up after themselves.

In our great nations moms and dads will love their children, aunts and uncles will spoil their nephews and nieces, and grandparents will longingly hope for a phone call from a grandchild or son or daughter and they will be thrilled to the core when it arrives.

In your nation and mine millions of boys and girls will watch honorable sports stars in the hopes of someday being one.

Very, very, few people today will ruin life for others in your nation and mine.

Let’s be among the millions upon millions who will do really good things today and seldom, if ever, make the news.