I asked for an update…… and it came:

by Rod Smith

The Mercury / Tuesday

I asked for an update regarding a letter I responded to some years ago about an out-of-wedlock pregnancy.

This response was in my email today and I am overjoyed:

“Regarding your request for an update in your article from a few weeks back about advice given seven years ago on a pregnancy out of wedlock. Just to let you know that that this beautiful and clever most precious child is loved by all close family and is a blessing to us all.”

Thank you. I am so pleased to hear from the writer. I am thrilled to know the child is doing well and is a blessing to his or her family.

He or she will join the ranks of about 12 young men and women known to me who were also the result of unanticipated conception. In almost all cases the pregnancies led to major family conflict, experiences of deep shame, cut-offs, bouts of anger and blame, and loss of face in the respective communities.

All the babies, each and every one, once born, won the heart of every family member and all the shame and conflict was for nought.

In none of the situations were things “easy” but they were all worth it.

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