Planning a great week? year? rest of your life?

by Rod Smith

Where does a really good day, week, month, year, or the rest of your life really start?

I think it starts deep within the heart, mine and yours.

The heart? Where is it? What is it? How do I see or tap into it? How do I see what’s there?

Of course I’m not referring to the fist size muscle that’s in the center of the human chest.

I’m referring to the seat of the emotions, the spirit, soul, the mind, – and some fabulous combination and intersection of all of these “places,” these distinctly human capacities.

The heart of a man or woman is the point from which the spark of a life emanates – the inner being. It’s the deepest place within – where dreams are birthed and often broken.

There is so much we cannot even begin to control but we can do our part in making sure our hearts are in good order and in the “right” place. I know mine is in the “wrong place” when I harbor resentment, blame others for anything, and have a bitter taste from something that did not pan out or from a relationship that soured.

Cop-outs for a turn-around: “it’s my spouse’s fault”; “if only my children would (insert desired behavior)”; “if only my dad hadn’t have (insert undesired action).”

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