Friday challenge

by Rod Smith

If you are working on your emotional health, with or without a therapist or a coach, you may want to set yourself a few goals to measure progress. Here are some “global” ways I try to measure my growth (or the lack of it). I want:

  • Greater maturity evident in my choices so I choose options and paths that yield long-term benefits rather than those that offer immediate or false comfort.
  • To engage in activities that reveal healthy unpredictability and spontaneity.
  • To watch my boundaries and want them to be clear without being rigid.
  • To work at lowering my levels of anxiety and my unreasonable expectations of others.
  • To be less sure of what I believe, to have more questions, fewer answers, more ambiguity.
  • To be more defined and have a good ‘sense of self’ in all my relationships.
  • To have less inclination to seek heroes, knights in shining armor, damsels in distress, or fairy godmothers and rather to see people as flawed, frail and fallible as I am, and not as saviors or as people needing to be saved.
  • To appreciate that there is a natural pain that comes with being human without trying to attract it (that would indeed be absurd).

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