by Rod Smith

Dear Coach:

Before I permitted my son/daughter to play rugby/soccer/cricket/water-polo/basketball (insert your sport) I did my research.

Therefore: I will trust your approach to coaching and your decisions. I will accept that you know more about the players, their abilities and needs than I do. I will trust that you are an expert in the sport and in coaching and that you have the highest interests of the team and of my son/daughter as you make decisions.

I will not coach from the sidelines, shout at you or the referee (or umpire), or at anyone else. I will not speak poorly about you, your coaching staff at any time in any context. I will not discuss the game or the outcome for 24 hours after it ends unless it is to thank or congratulate you. When I do talk with you it will be only about my son/daughter and how I may further assist you in your valued role.

I will a good sportsman/woman as a spectator and applaud good play whenever I see it – for or against us.

Yours truly,

Team Member’s Parent


I know, I know, I’m taking all the fun out of watching.

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