What t’weens’ and teens’ parents really want….

by Rod Smith

What your parents really want from you and for you if you are a tween or a teen….

• A window into your experience no matter what activities you are engaged in. Tell us about it, the people, joys, stresses, and, share your insights. Watching you grow into an accomplished, fuller person is among our chief delights. When you shut us out it’s painful for us and limiting for you. Closing off or shutting down is NOT a necessary part of growing up.

• Your freedom is very important to us and when you are trapped or cornered by friends and by some of the drama that comes along with being part of a community it can be as painful for us as it is for you. Open the window a little so we be with you in tough times.

• When you are in a relationship, romantic or casual, where you are not treated with great respect or where you do not treat others with great respect it can be as painful for us as it is for you. Please, let us in.

• Your involvement in things that interest you is very important. We also want you to face challenges to try things that don’t immediately interest you. Staying with what you know can limit you from even greater joys and discoveries.

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