Dangerous men….

by Rod Smith

The Mercury / Monday

Dangerous men

• He tells you how to dress and gets all moody if you don’t agree or obey. I have known men who choose their wives clothing each day or expect to be consulted each day about their clothing choices. (One woman had six really large T-shirts that he had chosen and that was it).

• He stares you down, stares you silent, and calls you stupid. Eyes are often the first means to control and THE look can be flashed in an instant – and then turned off and denied.

• He tells you when you are hungry (or not) and what you should eat (or not).

• Small differences become huge conflicts and escalate in a flash. You let him have his way or be right or win just to avoid the fallout if you don’t.

• He is different in public – most people would never guess he has a violent side.

• His favorite Bible verse is supposedly about your obedience to him.

• He tells you he knows you better than you know yourself and better than anyone else knows you.

• He lies and expects you to lie for him.

• He has moments of white hot anger, even if the dog won’t obey him.

• He keeps you away from your extended family or tries to.

• He takes your keys or purse and he’s been physically threatening – and then is innocent because you caused his behavior.

• He accuses you of unfaithfulness especially when you refuse to give him passwords to your phone or email.

• He checks up on you and tells you jealousy and love go together.

• He hates or rejects a lot of people and thinks most people are idiots.

• In the rare event you drive him, you’d think he was behind the wheel.

Before I am blasted with emails telling me women can also be dangerous (which of course they can be) the overwhelming reality is that it is usually men who are.

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