Are we normal?

by Rod Smith

Are we normal?

“Why be normal?” was bandied about years ago on bumper stickers and the like (often, you may remember, it was posted upside down).

One day seven-year-old Thulani asked me if we were “normal.”

A lot streamed through my head (before WiFi it “raced”):

….white South African single male adopts Zimbabwean baby we live in Indianapolis I’m older than all the boy’s friends’ dads and I am single every few weeks we jump on a plane the boy’s chosen grandmother is the whitest woman you’ll ever meet all that white hair and makeup OF COURSE WE ARE NORMAL!*

But, I reply with a question.

“What do you think?”

“We are NOT normal dad,” he says. I brace myself for his explanation.

“Our front gate doesn’t latch….. and we have a truck….” he says.

*this is how normal people write streaming

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