Trustworthy people

by Rod Smith

Trust is an individual pursuit. A trusted friend is a great find. The journey begins with being trustworthy. Remain aware that some people cannot be trusted and that there will always be people whom you will decide not to fully trust. Be appropriately careful with your trust. This is not living with suspicion but rather living with good boundaries and self-awareness.

Here are some pointers toward recognizing trustworthiness:

  • He can be trusted with information; however, he does not pry.
  • He is usually as willing to speak about his own life as he is to hear about your life. (Professional therapy excluded).
  • She does not need access to the details of your life and is quite comfortable if you say that you are not ready to talk about She is helpful, when you have requested her insight, but resists.
  • She has a diverse, enduring circle of friends.
  • She does not abdicate responsibility for her life, even in the
  • He displays growing integrity at every level of his life.
  • He does not persistently attempt to be “one up” with stories or jokes or make himself the focus of every conversation.
  • She has developed a good sense of humor about herself.
  • She does not offer unsolicited guidance or insight.
  • She is highly respectful of people under every circumstance.
  • He can track the development in a conversation, respond and develop themes of thought rather than appear to have his mind made up.

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