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April 4, 2017

Liquidizers unplugged….

by Rod Smith

The Mercury

Written and published with permission – I learned a long time ago NOT to write about immediate family (or even distant family) without permission. 
On a personal note…

Almost every night I before I go to bed I reduce a handful of greens and fresh fruit into a delicious drink using a powerful liquidizer. I wash the jugs, clean the blades, and get it all ready for a similar ritual in the morning. I know I leave the liquidizer plugged in the wall-socket. Every morning when I come downstairs it’s unplugged.

This very slight annoyance grew mostly because it made no sense and because both my sons were asleep when I faced this minor irritation and I’d forget to ask after the day got rolling and my attentions were focused elsewhere.

This week we have all been home in the mornings and so I asked.
Thulani (19) said that of course he unplugged the liquidizer every night as a “safety issue.”

He enlarged:

Well dad, what if you walked in your sleep, came downstairs, put your hand into the liquidizer, turned it on and you lost your fingers? You won’t be able to play the piano anymore.

I pointed out that none of us sleepwalks and that I never put my hands into the liquidizer even when awake. He agreed.

I asked if he’d be unplugging the dishwasher and washing machine in case I drowned and I think he said I was being ridiculous.