My son leads the pack….

by Rod Smith

2 Comments to “My son leads the pack….”

  1. Dear Rod, Congratulations! A proud moment and one to cherish as a parent. I have followed your posts for many years and have always valued, and learnt from your deep insight into relationships. Thank you for sharing this video; I sense a feeling of fulfillment in you in seeing your son not just competing, but excelling. My boys, 33 and 27 now, have provided me with similar emotions when they have competed in sports, from school days to the present. I like it that they can still participate, adding a balance to their lives.

  2. Dear Basil: Thank you for your readership. I do most appreciate it. You may see this is the first time I have posted a video on the website. I was conflicted – do I keep it as columns only or do I add the occasional personal moment. I think I shall do a little more of the latter in the future. Again, it is nice to know my work has been helpful or insightful to you.
    Rod Smith

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