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July 4, 2011

My husband has me so scared…….

by Rod Smith

“My husband is a controlling, jealous, alcoholic. He has me so scared. I love my husband but I can’t stand living like this. His drinking is bad. His controlling is causing us to fight all the time. I tell him to relax but he just keeps it up. I hate to come home from work. I want out but yet I know that he can be a good man. He is a loving man when he wants to be but can change in a second. Can someone help me?” (Edited)

You can help you. If you have had the courage to negotiate the past years with a difficult and ill-mannered man, I know you possess the tenacity to build yourself a great future.

While you compromise yourself to live with a man who is occasionally good and sometimes loving he will control every day of what is left of your life.

Here’s a five-step formula:

1. Find your inner resolve to stay out of control.

2. Join Al-Anon who will help and encourage you.

3. Gather around you a small group of supportive women (this may take months).

4. Hatch a plan among you – a plan for you, not for him.

5. Take yourself by surprise and move out and move on.