Son (8) asked if boys can marry boys and girls can marry girls….

by Rod Smith

My son (8) recently asked me if girls can marry girls and boys can marry boys. I didn’t know how or what to answer and so I changed the subject. I know that avoiding his question is wrong and I am mentally preparing myself to answer his question soon. I am not homophobic. One of my close friends is a homosexual.

Attraction is only enduringly poss

Relax, and then talk about anything

Tell your son that in South Africa (origin of Email) men and women can love and marry whomever they want to marry. Inform him that one day he will be old enough and wise enough to marry anyone he loves and who, in turn, loves and wants to marry him.

Now, before I am pummeled with both hate and love mail from all sides, please remember that your answer to your son’s question will not determine or change his sexual orientation. Parent-son conversations are simply not that powerful.

Your openness and comfort in having meaningful conversations about personal topics with your son will not determine his sexual orientation, but it might determine if he keeps talking with you and asking you questions about personal and important matters for many years to come.

2 Comments to “Son (8) asked if boys can marry boys and girls can marry girls….”

  1. Wise reply, Rod, in a potentially delicate situation. You’re SO right – it’s not the answer that counts as much as keeping the trust in the relationship.

  2. Those boys are very lucky to have you. I’m sure you are raising wonderful men.

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