Ten reasons to have this column in your daily newspaper…

by Rod Smith

EDITORS PLEASE NOTE: Your inclusion of this column in your paper is absolutely free of charge to you. The flagship paper pays for it and it is my decision to allow its inclusion into your paper free of charge. The ONLY requests I make are that you let me know, that you include the website’s URL and an Email address directing readers to mail questions to me. The head shot would also be helpful but not essential.

While there are more than TEN REASONS this advice column is different from Ann Landers, Dear Abby (and therefore a good juxtaposition to those very well-loved columns) I have listed the 10 that come immediately to mind:

1. Short. Takes 50 seconds to read and offers sound, to the point suggestions and advice.
2. Questions are not presented in full.
3. It is anonymous. Questions go to Rod@DifficultRelationships.com
4. Submitted to newspapers in two-week packs by email or download before deadline (over 1000 segments are already available).
5. Segments sometimes follow a theme. One reader said it was “better than a soap opera.”
6. Sometimes the writer expresses a personal note about general relationship issues.
7. Allows immediate access to readers on the Internet.
8. Advice is focused on strength, sometimes funny, believes in the resilience of people and covers a very wide spectrum of issues.
9. Writer is a family therapist who teaches family therapy in several countries each year.
10.Style allows for brevity, anonymity and cutting to the chase.

One Comment to “Ten reasons to have this column in your daily newspaper…”

  1. And because it really does help in all kinds of problem relational situations, being very practical and immediately applicable.

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