Meek is not weak….

by Rod Smith

Try it for a day or three...

Try it for a day or three...

Have you met any meek people lately? Let’s not confuse meek and weak. Meek is far from weak, and it is a character quality worthy of pursuit. To be meek is to willingly allow restraint to one’s strength so that strength is used for the good of all. It is to have a good understanding of one’s personal power and to decide to use it for the good of one’s family and community.

A meek person has the strength to bully others into getting what the stronger person wants but never does. A meek person never uses his or her strength for selfish reasons. A meek person “backs down” from some conflict, by his or her own choice, and not because he or she is afraid or intimidated. A meek person is able to make the call on when conflict is useful and when it is not.

Meekness is a quality that comes with humility, and humility is usually the birth-child of suffering, of good parenting and of wise living.

Pursue a meek attitude for a few days. If you think being meek is easy, try it for a month or two.

One Comment to “Meek is not weak….”

  1. That’s good. Meekness is a virtue mentioned in the Bible and associated with Jesus, who was anything but weak. To study the background of the word brings out some interesting aspects of it, some of which you have mentioned. Unfortunately today our culture equates meekness with weakness.

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