“Myths” and “Truths” about romantic love…

by Rod Smith

Myths about being “in love”:
1. The feelings last forever.
2. You always feel good about the person you love.
3. Love can “conquer” anything.
4. It’s permanent.
5. You will always forgive and forget.

The Truth about being “in love”:
1. Feelings come and go; commitment lasts forever.
2. You will experience a wide range of feelings about the person you love – and not all will always feel good.
3. Love, with commitment, can conquer almost anything.
4. Love, with commitment, matures, changes, grows – the feelings are temporary; the commitment is permanent.
5. Love remembers, love forgives, sometimes love even forgets. Love does whichever is best for both parties.

One Comment to ““Myths” and “Truths” about romantic love…”

  1. Rod, thanks for the lovely reminder that true love belongs to the mature. Jesus, the Beloved, turned water into the best wine at a wedding.

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