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January 4, 2009

I am the mature one in the relationship….

by Rod Smith

“My wife (21) and I (22) have been married since July 2008. We have a lot in common. Her friends are male. She is an online video game addict, does instant messaging and voice chatting online with other men in front of me. She gets ‘cute’ with a hand full of them and even met two in person. I said it was okay. I read a few of her private emails. She hints she was missing something in her life and wants more. I annoy her and it upsets me. She wants to go out more, twice without me. What should I do, or go for help? I am the mature one in the relationship. I clean up after her. I give her back rubs. She is my best friend and it’s driving me insane. I am jealous.”

dsc_0642You will be the mature one in the relationship when you refuse to serve and support her addictive, immature habits. Whatever is “missing” from your wife’s life will not be “found” on, or through, the Internet. Whatever is missing in your marriage will not be gained while you behave like a hired manservant to her immature pursuits.