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January 1, 2009

I did not tell her about my debt…

by Rod Smith

“I have been married for six months. Before I got married I have some debts that I’m no longer able to pay back because my partner doesn’t work. I never told her about these debts before. What can I do? My income is only enough for our rent and groceries.” (Unedited)

dsc_0642Take on a second, even a third job. Work all night if you must. Do anything it takes to pay your debts. If you were man enough to get yourself into debt – be man enough to work your way out of it. Although this has nothing to do with your wife, I’d suggest she get a job, too. If she’s somewhat angry at your lack of full disclosure before you married her, then accept her anger. It’s justified. PLEASE wait until you are out of debt before you father any children.