In-laws, and how to treat them…

by Rod Smith

How one daughter-in-law chose to treat her husband’s parents…

“I knew that how a man treats his parents is generally how he will treat you. Remember who raised him. Did you think that this wonderful man came full-grown out of the sea? No, that mother and father were the ones who made him that wonderful, so give them a break. Make friends with them and you will never regret it. I had a lot of questions for them before I got married but now I feel like I am their daughter. They include me in everything. But, I made a point to make friends with them both. Without my husband I would call them and do things with them. Doing this once in awhile made my husband relax that he was not the only one ‘responsible’ for his parents. It made them like me so that if he showed up at their house without me they would either call me to come over also or shoo him home! The house next door to us was for sale last year and I begged them to buy it to live even closer. I love them dearly!” (Edited for space)


One Comment to “In-laws, and how to treat them…”

  1. Well I must say that you are one of the lucky ones. I was once in a relationship where my mother in-law just didn’t like me. She hadn’t met me yet but she new there was a woman who took her son’s focus off track. Her and his family wanted him to enjoy life the way he was as a single man. They felt that his changing who he was for me was stupidity or something. When we would go visit and he would have to tell his old friends that he wasn’t going to go clubbing with them. They were offended because that’s not the man they know. Being in love was not in his character so to speak. The only thing that got us through all there criticism was his persistence in showing them he’s happy in love.

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