Living a life with fewer regrets….

by Rod Smith

actionspeaking11. Speak openly of your love to your spouse, your children, and extended family.
2. Be quick to apologize when you are wrong or inappropriate.
3. Forgive.
4. Affirm the talents and goodness apparent to you in all whom you meet.
5. Live under the influence of wild generosity.
6. Write letters to those who have helped you succeed.
7. Anonymously buy, and have delivered, groceries for a needy family.
8. Resist the innate human urge to gossip.
9. Keep your anxiety in check (tamed, restrained) when faced with tough decisions.
10. Speak well of your spouse and family at every opportunity.

One Comment to “Living a life with fewer regrets….”

  1. Rod – I will, I do, and I try.

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